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The History



SLAUGHTERHOUSE is the brain child of Phil Fried and Mike Vallone. The two of them were shooting in Gotham on a Steel (absolute bottom) division team that was going nowhere. So they did what every good shooter does - left to form their own team. And thus was born: SLAUGHTERHOUSE! The rest, as they say, is history. Oh wait, this is the history so I guess I should finish the story. Phil and Mike, along with John Arrabito, Lenny Marshall, Frank Vitale (who hand drew the lithograph featured on the pictures page), Kenny Sayar, Bob Connors, Hank Bowles and Ray Ng formed the first SLAUGHTERHOUSE roster in the Fall 1998 season. They had a very good season, winning the Lead Division and Conference III championships (Phil and Mike also won the Lead Doubles Cricket championship and Phil won the Lead 301 Singles title). Jealousy and politics forced SLAUGHTERHOUSE to jump up 3 divisions in Spring 1999, to Silver where they finished third. However, Phil and Mike again won the Doubles Cricket championship and Phil again won the 301 Singles title. Despite the third place finish the season before, Fall 1999 found the team up a division to Gold, which they proceeded to win going away. This season also saw the return of John Arrabito after a 3 season hiatus. His return was a big help in the team capturing the Gold division title. Beginning in 2000 the team moved up to the very top - Platinum - where they continue to be very competitive to this day.
For current match reports see the Match Reports link on the main team page.

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